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4 Questions You Must Ask Before Making a Decision about Hip Replacement or Knee Replacement

About Dr. Amir Rubin

Surgeon specializing in joint replacement  | Head of Joint Replacement Unit at Merav Medical Center  | Head of the Orthopedic Division at “Terem”" | Leading proponent of the “Rapid Recovery” approach in Israel  |  Dr, Human |

Dr. Rubin spearheads an approach that focuses on easier and faster recovery from joint replacement surgery (knee replacement or hip replacement). Dr. Rubin has been performing joint replacement surgeries for the last 15 years. He is an HMO-affiliated surgeon at the Assuta Hospital in Assuta and the Merav Medical Center in Bat Yam.

“…We now know that in order to achieve the best possible results, the surgeon has to treat the whole person and not just the knee or hip. My Rapid Recovery method, with all its supporting scientific evidence, is based on this understanding, above all else.”

Dr. Amir Rubin


Books by Dr. Rubin

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Knee/Hip Joint Replacement Surgery

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